Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 PGA Merchandise Show - Demo Day Recap (Part 3): Skechers, Soft Spikes, Orange Whip, Adidas, and Sky Caddie

As you can probably tell by now, there are going to be multiple parts to all recaps, including Demo Day and the three days of The Show.  To make it easy for you to find new gear from the companies you're curious about, I've put the company names in the titles, and you can also search for them using the search box on my blog's main page. 


In Part 3 we take a look at new products from Skechers, Soft Spikes, Orange Whip, Adidas, and Sky Caddie.

And of course when all recaps are finished, I'll have a final wrap up of the entire Show, with my impressions about what clubs and apparel stood out, and what gear won my Best of Show. 

Skechers Golf Shoes 
Skechers offers up a variety of new styles and colors in 2017, including the new GO GOLF Pro Matt Kuchar and spikeless Elite 2 shoes. 

Softspikes Golf Cleats 
If you can't find the style of spikes you're looking for from Softspikes, you're simply not trying hard enough.  Softspikes offer eight different types of spikes, including the Black Widow Tour, Silver Tornado, and Stealth styles. 

Orange Whip Golf Trainer 
The Orange Whip swing trainer promises to help you "feel" the moves of the golf swing, rather than have them "explained" to you.  And while I didn't spend a lot of time with the trainer, I was surprised to at the positive feedback I felt with both tempo and swing plane. 

Adidas Golf Sunglasses 
I won't get into the tech and differences in Adidas new line of golf eyewear.  But I will say the multiple pairs I tried on were very comfortable, and most importantly delivered great contrast and clarity on a super sunny day at Orange County National.  Tons of new styles and colors should satisfy even the most discriminating players out there. 

SkyCaddie's new LINX GT is an all-in-one GPS watch, hand held GPS, and shot-tracking system that's sure to be a hot item this year.  Featuring a high-tech GPS receiver that measures precise yardages on countless preloaded course maps, it even comes with automatic shot tracking so you can review how you played with every club, from every location, and from every distance in your round

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