Friday, June 21, 2019

Golf Pride Z Grip Align Review: Feel Enhancing All-Weather Grips with a Perfect Combination of Traction and Comfort

I told you a little about the 2019 GolfPride grips back in January at the PGA Merchandise Show.  And since then I've had time to try out the new Z Grip Align grips in all kinds of weather. 


Getting the right grip for your game is just as important as getting the right tires for your car, and these all-weather grips are unrivaled for grab and traction. 

The Z Grip Align use a brushed cotton deep cord design making them ideal for wet, hot, and muggy conditions.  A close inspection of the grips shows you the deep, carved "Z-shaped" pattern that's wrapped around the entire grip. 


And these deep grooves are basically like tire treads.  Together they work to channel away water and perspiration from your hands so you can keep a bulldog grip on your clubs. 


The problem with some deep gouged grips is they can be extremely rough on your hands.  And while the Z Grip Align are definitely firm feeling, they're not so rough that you'll wind up with blisters or callouses.  There's a subtle tackiness to them that makes them one of the most comfortable cord grips I've ever played. 


With that said, the firm feel makes them great for players who want total feedback all shots.  When you strike your shot pure, it's going to feel incredibly smooth.  Catch one thin, and you're going to know it.  If you prefer more vibration dampening, the Tour Velvet Align would be a better option (comparison pics below). 


There's an obvious and substantial advantage to the Z Grip Align of no slippage during your round.  And you don't even need to clean these mid-round.  The traction and moisture-wicking makes these non-issues.  But these grips give you another performance advantage that's used by almost 75-percent of players on the PGA Tour. 


Align technology is is a dedicated red ridge that runs down the backside of the grip, and unquestionably translates to proper hand positions.  The ridge is raised just enough to remind you where your hands and fingers should be.  And this gives you a consistent locked in sensation in your hands, which also translates to heightened club-head awareness. 


Reminder grips have been around for a long time.  But unlike other reminder grips, the Z Grip Align ridge is not raised so much that it feels awkward or changes the rounded shape of the grip.  The ridge is also made from a firmer material that further enhances your hand position feel and awareness. 


Grips are the unsung heroes of the golf equipment world.  But everything from traction and feel to overall performance is going to be affected one way or another with the right or wrong grips.  And if you're looking for firmer feeling grips that are consistently reliable in all weather conditions, the Golf Pride Z Grip Align should be at the top of your list. 

Unrivaled traction and feel for a cord grip 
Consistent and reliable performance in just about any weather 
One of the more comfortable cord grips on the market 

Might be too firm feeling for players with elbow or joint issues who need more vibration absorption 
On the higher price end for grips 


And as always, if you have any questions about these grips or other equipment I'm playing and reviewing, shoot me an email or DM on twitter or Instagram.

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